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 Coventry Market Tarla -  Coventry market was established in 1958, when Coventry was rebuilding itself. A lot of people from the Commonwealth countries were migrating to Coventry. I have grown up going to Coventry market, going shopping with my mum, holding shopping bags, watching her buy produce, interacting with the stall holders and familiar faces. It has always been a place that all your sense s are exposed to noise of people talking in different accents, chattering of kids, music to machinery.  The market sells everything, and your nose can smell the meat and fish on sale to the herbs and spices from around the world. Photographing the women stall holders, I have learned that some have settled down in Coventry from different countries, they have their own businesses, usually shared with family from husbands, partners and siblings. Each stall holder is proud of their stall, they have said that the market is a community. The assistant manager has said that this market has the highes

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